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Starter Bundle for Thermomix - Blue

Thermi Ergoslide Platinum Granite

I am from Singapore and I ordered the Thermi Ergoslide Platinum Granite. The delivery was fast. Place it under my Thermomix and it was so easy to slide it around the table top. I am very happy with the product and the quality is good.

An excellent introduction to sourbread

I really liked this book; it is written in a way that is easy to understand. I have tried a few recipes and loved them. I would recommend that the next reprint be on black and white ink instead of the blue and white which I find difficult to read at times. I would have loved of lot more information on the 'how' and 'why'. But I would absolutely recommend the book. It will become my go to bread book!

Little Gem of a brush

Perfect for getting in all the tight crevices - I wouldn’t be without it now...

A “Must have” for your thermomix

Perfect for sliding the thermomix across the worktop, wouldn’t be without it now. The delivery service is so so quick, wish all deliveries were as quick as you!!

My Thermi Ergoslide

Love my Thermi Ergoslide! Now I can move my Thermomix around safely and easily.

Thermomix Beginner

Haven’t yet used my sourdough thermomix bundle yet, but was extremely happy with the speed in which my delivery came. Thank you so much.

Great Service and Product

I love all of Sophie's books and these latest 2 are no exception (Steam Cooking and Tea Time). Also ordered my second thermocline which is really useful and stops me worrying about damaging the delicate scales. One of my thermomixe's has already been back twice. Thanks Sophie one more satisfied customer :)

Mini Loaf Pan 8-cup

Great baking tool, not only for cakes but also for party breads

In LOVE with this awesome Cookbook

I love all the delicious recipes included in the Steaming Hot Cookbook. It will make you want to get steaming straight away!! The recipes are so easy to make and are packed full of flavour YUM!! It would be an awesome gift for your Thermie friends too!!

Thank you for this amazing cookbook

I absolutely love this book & I've made more than half the recipes in there already, they are so delicious with easy to follow instructions. Thanks so much Sophia for bringing sourdough baking into my life YAY!!

Practice Mix Perfect

Love this book have made most recipes in it with great success

Gluten free cakes & bakes

Amazing book , I made my partner get it as we are trying gluten free treats

Sourdough Feast

I don't even know how to start... The explanations are simple and easy to follow, the photos are beautiful, the recipes to die for... You can almost feel Sophia smiling and guiding you in your kitchen. Loved it so much that I'll be having a class with her. I am sooooo Excited!!

So Many Great recipes!

This book has so many great recipes to Love, From Brekkie, breads (who would have thought? In the Varona!) to meals & sweets. So many great ones too, I have tried 6 of them & absolutely Loved each one! “Working” my Way through them all, I am a woman on a Yummy Mission
I would highly recommend it to any level of confidence cook!

The sourdough Bible!

This is the book that gave me confidence & my first ever success at baking bread! Many disasters before. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to start baking or wanting to explore more “Real bread” making (with an awesome starter step by step recipe).

Love it!

Great quality. Very happy with my purchase.

Sourdough Goodness

I am so excited to discover your sourdough bible and make incredible bread again. Thank you for simplifying it for all of us and for your amazing energy and recipes to make us love our Thermomix even more!

I love it.

I’ve always used my varoma but I felt I could use it more. I’ve not had a failure yet, today’s bagels were really good, miso steamed cod was lovely, spicy rhubarb duck breasts was a bit sweet for me but I’m the first to admit I don’t have a sweet tooth so although I used less honey than the recipe I’ve made a note to reduce it even more. Gyoza and Bao Buns will be made soon, I’ve even bought some jackfruit.

Great Book

Recently purchased and it will be very useful. I think a lot of people underuse the Varoma and concentrate on their Thermomix more. I do actually use my Varoma a lot but this has given me lots of new ideas and Sophia always gives such good instructions, I am sure this book will encourage people to use it more.

Perfect for the Varoma

Received this with the new Steaming Hot Book. Excellent service as always and it fits perfectly in the Varoma. It is so easy to store and and put back together. I know this will be a very usefull addition for my Varoma.

Love all your books

It’s hard to pick which book I love the most, but my last delivery of this book is just beautiful. I love the banana maple pecan muffins but there is so many more on my to do list from this book. Defiantly has inspired me to cook more with my varoma! Thank you Sophia!

Love my ergoslide from thermishop!

My ergoslide works perfectly for keeps my TM5 from moving when chopping, and allows me to easily slide my machine out from its resting place underneath a cabinet to position for use. Also love the cookbooks and brushes!

Melbourne Demo

I have purchased this book and cannot wait to receive it. The idea of using more steam in cooking is quick & healthy.


Just awesome the Vegan pulled Jackfruit Bao Buns is worth the purchase alone!