Prep & Serve

Prep & Serve

Prepping and serving food are some of the most time consuming parts of the cooking process. From spatulas, to knives, to my amazing Thermi Servebowls, check out this collection to see my handy products that can help you become more efficient in the kitchen.

Vegetable and Fruit Peeler - Pink

$11.90 $6.00

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Vegetable and Fruit Peeler - Lime

$11.90 $6.00

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Silicone Airtight Lid 26cm - Fits Thermi Servebowl 4.2L


Silicone Airtight Lid 18cm - Fits Thermi Servebowl 1.25L


Silicone Airtight Lid 20cm - Fits Thermomix Mixing Bowl


Thermi Servebowl Bundle


Silicone Baking Mat - Small


Silicone Baking Mat - Large


Silicone Baking Mat Bundle


Stainless Steel Steaming Tray for Varoma


Silicone Dariole Moulds - Set of 8


Cooking Accessory Bundle for Thermomix


Stainless Steel Trivet for Varoma


Silicone Airtight Lid 22cm - Fits Thermi Servebowl 2.5L


Silicone Airtight Lid Bundle


Reusable Liner Bundle